This is why the Royals are ageing so well


It’s a long-known fact that the royals look fantastic for their age – just look at the Queen, who, at nearly 92 years-old, is proudly the oldest monarch to have reigned in Britain, having done so since 1952. But what’s her secret? Stuart Miles, the UK’s leading ageing expert and founder of, has chatted exclusively to HELLO! about what really keeps the royals so young. In fact, it’s something that can be achieved by anyone. The Queen’s simple lifestyle keeps her looking great, and Prince Charles‘ youth elixir is due to taking downtime away from his role – while Duchess Kate uses rosehip oil to keep her skin glowing.

Stuart – who is also known for hosting Blue Peter back in the nineties – says the Queen stays looking youthful because of her dedication to her role. “The Queen’s secret to looking good all comes down to her discipline to duty. She isn’t someone who obsesses about every detail of her face but yet her life is one of routine and moderation, which helps her deal with a hectic workload and the pressure of her role,” he says.