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Which Doctor Who actor was your favourite Time Lord?

Jodie Whittaker is stepping down as the 13th Doctor.

Jodie Whittaker has announced she is stepping down as the 13th Doctor after making history as the first woman to play the part.

Here is a list of the stars who have taken on the role since the show first aired nearly 60 years ago.

Patrick Troughton (1966–69)

Troughton was chosen by producer Innes Lloyd because of his extensive experience as a character actor, and Hartnell personally approved his replacement.

Jon Pertwee (1970–74)

The arrival of Pertwee signalled a change of direction for the programme.

He portrayed the Third Doctor as a dapper and strong-willed figure in contrast to his austere, or shabby predecessors, while many of his episodes saw him stranded on Earth in exile, where he worked as a scientific adviser to the international military group Unit.

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