ReMeLife is the perfect way to become comfortable with the world of crypto. Using REME tokens is easy when you know how. Soon you’ll be earning from caring and profiting from crypto, instead of just watching others do so.
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REFERRALS  When you and those in your network invite others to join ReMeLife, you earn Care Action Points (CAPs).

CARE ACTIONS   When you use ReMeLife’s apps to support those you care for, you’ll earn CAPs.

CARE BONUSES  When anyone in your Community network performs Care Actions or purchases ReMe Market products, you’ll earn CAPs.


  Your earned CAPs are visible in your ReMe Wallet. They will be converted to REME tokens. These are the Ethereum ERC20 tokens that will be tradeable on token exchanges, like bitcoin. From your wallet you can buy products in the ReMe Market, donate them or use them outside of the ReMeLife Platform.

REMELIFE COMMUNITY BUILDER (RCB)   The ReMeLife Community Builder interface enables you to invite and build a community network of persons in your care circle and beyond, and earn CAPs when they join, and when they in turn invite others to join.

THE MARKET    All products in the ReMe Market can be purchased at a discount price by redeeming your CAPs.

THE EXCHANGE You’ll be able to buy big ticket items, even a surgical treatment, at a discount by buying REMEs in the ReMe Exchange, to then redeem them to obtain the discounted product.

TRADEABLE    You’ll be able to trade your REMEs in any Ethereum blockchain based DEX marketplace (such as Uniswap), or on a public exchange such as Binance, once we complete our listings.


You must keep your password and mnemonic key words safe in multiple locations and formats, so both digital and written. For we aim for your tokens to become valuable.
Your wallet shows you how many ‘CAPs you’ve earned and what they would be worth after conversion to REME’s at today’s conversion rate and at the price that REMEs will be launched on an exchange. This conversion rate varies based on the number of CAPs that have been created at any time and on the remaining available number of REMEs
You can also see how many Ethereum tokens you hold. These are like Bitcoin and are used to pay for any transactions, such as when you’ll use your REMEs to buy products or be converted to cash.
The wallet also shows how many CAPs have already been converted to REMEs in readiness to make such transactions.


You earn CAPs every time either you or your network invites a new Member to join your and their community network. You receive 200 CAPs when you register, 100 CAPs for each new Member at Level 1, 50 CAPs at Level 2 and 25 CAPs for every Member that signs up at Level 5.
The Dashboard:  This is the starting point and shows you how many Registrations have taken place in your community network and how many CAPs you have earned.
Your Community: Clicking on My Network show the structure of your network across all 3 levels. Clicking on the circles will show the number of Members at each level.
You can invite anyone to join your network by sending them an invitation, by email or social media, that explains ReMeLife. It is critical that when they join ReMeLife, that they use your Invitation link as shown in your panel. This will ensure they register in your network and that you gain CAPs when they sign up their friends.
It’s easy to grow a large community network; just keeping doing what you do already, caring for those you care for. And by offering support to those you know by recommending ReMeLife. Then the monthly rewards will keep coming!


In no time you’ll be passively earning benefits from your care, your data and your purchases.

As we all should be !

To learn more about the REME token, and how the ReMeLife Token Ecosystem works, and to view the details of the investment opportunity, please visit our crypto website,