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What do you do now?

Let’s get started.

Please Note: Our reward based care token project, is a work in progress. Whilst you can collect early token/points through promoting ReMeLife to your family and friends, however you will not at this stage be able to cash them in. Therefore, think of them as you would airmiles - accumulate them ready for use in the future, in late 2021 when the token ecosystem will be fully launched.

  • CARE ACTIONS  When you use ReMeLife’s apps to support those you care for by making a Care Action, you earn points, called ReMe Care Points (ReMC’s for short).
  • REMC POINTS  When you invite friends and family to join ReMeLife, you earn points (called ReMCs), and when they invite their own network, you earn more ReMCs.
  • BONUS   And when anyone in your network performs a Care Action or purchases a product from the ReMe Market, you also get bonus ReMC Points.



You use your ReMStars

  • REMSTARS All products in our ReMe Market can be bought at a discount price by converting your earned ReMC’s Points to ReMStars Tokens. These have actual value and can be used to make purchases or be traded.
  • PURCHASES  You can purchase ReMStars and put them in family members wallets so that they can make purchases whenever they want with ReMStars instead of cash.
  • BIG DISCOUNTS   You can buy big ticket items, even a surgical treatment, at a discount by buying ReMStars in the ReMe Agency, to then redeem them to obtain the available discounts.
  • CONVERSION  You can convert ReMStars to cash through selling them on an exchange.

Check out your ReMeLife Wallet & Referral Program

  • REMELIFE WALLET   You can view the ReMCs that you’ve earned. These can be converted to ReMStars when you wish to buy something or you can sell them. We’ll tell you how later
  • REMELIFE REFERRAL PROGRAM (RRP)   Click through to the RRP dashboard to see those you have invited to join your care network. You can invite anyone to join ReMeLife, by just sending them the link.
  • NETWORK BENEFITS   You’ll receive more tokens every time your Network Members invite new members AND you will earn further tokens when any of your network buy products from our ReMe Market. You’ll be building a passively earned income in no time.


Get Started Today!

    As you use ReMeLife apps to support your care needs, you will be collecting ReMStars, just like Air Miles or Tesco tokens.

    In six months time, when we launch the full ReMeLife Token Ecosystem, you will be able to exchange them for products, and services in ReMe Market.

    You can also transfer your ReMStars to family members, donate them to charities or exchange them for cash.

    And ReMeLife will be working to protect your data and ensure that the care sector, care organisations, local care businesses and carers, all benefit from the value that is built into the digital process.

Explaining The ReMeLife Wallet

ReMStar Tokens, a new form of digital value

The ReMeLife Wallet is just like the wallet in your pocket, or like PayPal. You earn a reward for Care Actions, in ReMC Points (ReMe Care Points) and they get transferred to your wallet.

Or you decide to purchase ReMStars from the ReMeLife Agency deposit them in your wallet You can also transfer your ReMStars to family members, donate them to charities or exchange them for cash.


Build your family and friends care circle into a multi-level Rewards based Referral Network

You’ll earn ReMC Points every time either you or someone within your network successfully invites a new Member to join their and your network.

And when anyone in your network buys products or undertakes Care Actions, you’ll also receive ReMCs.

They’ll just keep coming as you simply do what you have been doing already. Caring for those you care for.

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