A Step By Step Guide On Social Care


What to Expect From Respite Care

Welcome to the first ‘Step by Step Guide on Social Care’ written by the home care experts at Cera. Every month we will choose a subject that our clients have commented on being confusing and overwhelming, and try to make it as simple and accessible as possible. This month we are discussing what ‘respite care’ is and what you should expect from your care professional and care provider.

Know When You Need A Break

The first and perhaps the most difficult step to accessing respite care is admitting that you need a break. Being a family carer for someone is an incredibly fulfilling and compassionate responsibility to take on, however it does not mean that it should become your entire life. Like professional carers, family carers need to have breaks to live their own life, take a holiday, socialise and reclaim some of their individuality away from the role of being carer. Entrusting your responsibilities to a care provider which offers respite care can be a hard transition to make. However, a smooth transition can be facilitated by a good care provider. Below, we explore what you should expect from a respite caregiver.

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