ReMeLife Members have access to their own dedicated Family Room, a free online space for video chats, activities and get togethers of all types and for all occassions.

Private and accessible only to members of the ReMe care circle, this convenient communication supports a person being cared for with enhanced connectivity.

And, with ReMe Connect Alexa loaded onto your smart speaker you’ll receive notifications of new get togethers or scheduled activities.


Notifications are all around us. We take them for granted. But, for family members that have a need to be notified in a specific manner, ReMeLife’s variety of notification alternatives offer a means to ensure that vital scheduling, events, medication and reminders are never missed.

Whether via an always on screen, using the RemindMecare notifications calendar, or through a voice prompt, you’ll be just a touch or a nudge away.


RemindMecare will keep you informed of what’s coming up; from world events, important occasions and family events.
With readymade activities ready to go for every day, at the touch of a button