Don’t worry, this might look complicated and will take a long time. It won’t. It will take about 4 minutes.
This calculator was developed for a large care group to help them evaluate what what ReMe can do (here's one such report).

The final totals shown represent the minimum annual financial gain that RemindMecare will deliver for your care facility.

    NB. Please enter only whole numbers with no decimal places.


Enter your care teams basic pay rate and your best guess for the time your care team spends on the listed tasks.
(Please click enter at any time for calculations to take place).

Enter the hours spent on each of the following tasks that ReMe addresses, for each of your care staff types.

For the ‘PROJECTED TIME SAVED BY USING REME’ % boxes, enter what percentage of the total time spent on each task you think ReMe will save (it should not be, we believe, less than 20% - you’ve seen our functionality videos, ReMe can do a lot for your activity care processes).

How much time do you think ReMe's readymade Activities and self-creation tools will save?

How much time do you think ReMe will save through ease of set up and running 1:1 Sessions?

How much time do you think families entering data remotely into ReMe will save?

How much time do you think ReMe’s world days, daily events and family planner will save?

How much time do you think ReMe's automated family reports will save?

How much time do you think ReMe will save by its automated outcomes/evidence data recording?


Enter a sum for each functionality below, that represents a minimum value that you think the ReMe functionality is worth to you.

What's the value to you of improved CQC, family & head office reporting?

What's the value to you of achieving GDPR compliance for personal data?

What's the value to you of enhancing your person-centred care?

What's the value to you of providing digital inclusion to staff, residents and family?

What's the value to you of integrating evidenced care activities with your care software?

What's the value to you of improving staff morale and retention?


ReMe is often used by care facilities as a ‘give away’ to prospect clients. By using ReMe at home, families are more likely to want continuity of remote access and content provision, thereby improving your closing potential. Enter your basic client acquisition parameters and a percentage for what impact you think ReMe could have on your client acquisition process.

Lastly, ReMe provides the option to connect to other care providers, such as hospitals. This can impact on step down based client acquisition. Add a nominal value for this capability in the box provided.

Residents fee

Profit margin, %

Profit margin, £’s /client/year

Target clients

RemindMecare’s role

Hospital connectivity




We’ve undertaken this ROI & Performance study formally in many care homes, and it’s always the same; showing a surprisingly high ROI (you can view one such ROI report here).

And don't forget …

  • Using ReMe as part of your client acquisition process can be extremely effective (why not talk to us about this).
  • Hospital connectivity can bring many new step down clients.
  • We’ll be launching many new features very soon (from life story books to Alexa skills, remote events and much more). These will be free only to our existing and new clients, such as you.

Please remember, this is a one time offer. So grab it now!