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REME MARKET – Why become a Market Member?
Growing fast
ReMe Market is one of the fastest growing global marketplaces for goods and services in the care sector.
Great Deals
We provide exceptional discounts and bargains all the time, whether special prices or using ReMe tokens.
We’re on a mission
ReMe Market supports the specific needs of its Members and provides rewards to all those participating in care. Our mission is to ensure that inclusiveness and sharing is at the heart of all that we do and that commerce appropriately rewards all those that participate in care and in the growth of the ReMeLife Community.
Event Marketing
ReMeLife offers products, services, activities and events. So it will give you access to online and local events, as well as entertainment from any where in the world.
ReMeLife is all about stories
Everyone loves a story and that’s what we’re all about. Our vendors will promote their products in a fun way, through videos and well let’s see what comes next… 
ReMeLife is Unique
Yes ReMeLife is new. But it’s growing into something unique and we’ll be adding more for you to enjoy as we grow. By being a Member you’ll be the first to know what’s coming.
First, let’s get you registered as a ReMeLife Member and learn a bit about you. Also, we need to know if a Member introduced you to us, so that we can reward them. Let’s get started …
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REME MARKET – Why become an Affiliate Member?
Who do you know?
Many of us know someone that has an online store, whether their own or within for example Amazon, ebay or Etsy. If you tell them about ReMe Market and they take a store, it will benefit not only those you introduce, but also you.
How can I benefit from an introduction?
You will receive a commission from every sale they make. That means that every month you will receive passively earned income. Not bad for just making an introduction. Whether you receive this in cash or in tokens you will be able to keep it for yourself, trade it for products or donate it to your family or favourite charity.
What do I have to do?
Simple. Just sign up here as an Affiliate Member and then ask those you are introducing to state your email address as being the introducer when they use the online form to sign up to take their store.
How will I know what is happening each month?
You’ll have access to an affiliate dashboard where you can see the commission that you’re earning and ensure that you are correctly receiving it.
If you are NOT YET a ReMeLife Member please click  here  first to become a ReMeLife Member.

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