ReMeLife Membership


Features & Benefits


    Access to the ReMe Community Modules; video meetings, online work, medical care consultation, games and free downloads of the ReMeLife app, Alexa skills and integrations.


    It’s your data. You should have management of it; be able to control who has access to it. And be able to donate it or monetise it as you wish so that it serves your purposes.


    ReMeLife provides a Marketplace for service and product suppliers that support your needs – but only when you and your family want them. And you’ll receive token based discounts for purchases.


    Being part of the ReMeLife community will help you reach like-minded members and enable access to your local or global community, whether for social engagement, care support or knowledge of upcoming events.


    You want to be sure your data is not being exploited for gain by others and that you and your families online healthcare activities are safe. ReMeLife’s blockchain solution provides the ultimate security.


    We all want to be recognised for our efforts and to reward others when they deserve it. Your ReMeLife wallet and tokens incentivise, reward and participate in multiple ways that make caring easier.


ReMeLife Membership

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