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Whether a regular family get together, a local neighbours group… or, well anything really, ReMeMeets is simple to use and suitable for everyone.

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Coffee Mornings

Meet up with friends, family, whether local or global. The world is at your fingertips. It might be a group focused on a specific hobbies or activities and of course its great if they lead to offline engagement.

ReMeMeets makes it all easy.

Exercises, therapy, wellbeing …

Whether a regular physical exercise meeting, yoga or keep fit, or a specialist group catering for cognitive or disability needs, ReMeMeets gives you the means to attend numerous events from all over the world. You’ll get you a different take on ‘how it’s done over there’.

If you want to run your own event ReMeMeets makes it easy to plan, promote and run.

Special Interest Groups

We all have interests, hobbies and even obsessions, whether gardening or collecting beetles. Your circle may think your passion is crazy, but there’s plenty out there who won’t and who will revel in your knowledge.
The world is a big place but common interests makes it much smaller.

Check out who is doing what and where.

Care Meetings

ReMeMeets provides a window on the world, a global forum and a chance to meet people in similar circumstances. Many care groups use ReMe Meets to set up long distance groups for those they care for, who have relatives in multiple locations, or to establish links with other care groups with similar interests. ReMeMeets makes planning, scheduling and notifications easy.

For Care Providers

ReMeMeets enables family connectivity, remote activities provision by suppliers, across care group training sessions and much, much more.

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For Product & Activity Suppliers & Organisations

ReMeMeets supports your care training, dance, cooking, yoga classes, product presentations, etc. We’ll help you reach our global audience of those cared for at home, in care homes and in assisted living. ReMeMeets monetises your existing portfolio of activities, optimises your connectivity with prospective clients and helps you with sponsorship, data management and charitable donations, as well as providing affiliate commissions for introductions.

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