Why not join an online meeting?

There’s meetings of all types. Find one that fits your interests. With ReMe Meets it’s easy to find and meet like-minded people and join in the fun. Whether it’s a special interest group or simply a coffee meeting, you’ll often find them rewarding and memorable
Once you sign up we’ll inform you of those taking place each week. And if you are using ReMe with its automated Personal Profiles, then ReMe Meet will match you with upcoming ReMe Meets.

Or set up your own ReMe Meet.

Your ReMe Meet might be a regular family get together or a care groups’ event. You can monetise your skills and charge for meetings or promote charitable donation. ReMe Meet’s functionality helps you capitalise on your skills and your network; whether for fun or gain you will find your ReMe Meet to be very rewarding.
Here’s some examples of meetings taking place across the world every week.

Coffee Mornings

Meet up with friends, family, local groups or social media connected groups. These can be local groups, from neighbourhood watch groups to sports, or be people connected globally. The world is at your fingertips. It might be a group focused on a specific hobbies or activities and of course its great if they lead to offline enagement. It’s up to you how you make the arrangements. ReMe Meets makes it all easy.

Physical Exercises

Whether a regular physical exercise meeting, yoga or keep fit, or a specialist group catering for cognitive or disability needs, ReMe Meet gives you the means to attend numerous events from all over the world, that will may well give you a different take on ‘how it’s done over there’. And if you want to run your own event ReMe Meet makes it easy to set up, promote and run.

Special Interest Groups

We all have inteest, hobbies and even obsessions, whether gardening or collecting beetles, sports cars or stamps. Your friends and family might think your passion is a bit crazy, but there’s plenty out there who won’t and who will revel in your interest in their knowledge. The world is a big place but common interests make it much smaller. Check out who is doing what and where.

Care Meetings

ReMe Meet works in many scenarious. It provides a window on the world, a global forum and a chance to meet people in similar circumstances. Many care groups use ReMe Meet to set up long distance groups for those they care for who have relatives in multiple locations, or to establish links with other care groups with similar interests. ReMe Meet makes planning, scheduling and notifications easy

Please fill in the form here to gain access to ReMe Meet, to be notified of upcoming events that are open to anyone, and to be able to organise your own ReMe Meets.