ReMe Market is different from other marketplaces. Firstly, it presents products that are specifically suited for your needs. And, when you use RemindMecare, it will get to know your interests and enable ReMe Market to make recommendations to you.

And of course ReMe Market offers substantial discounts, that are accessible through using your ReMStars tokens.

We’ll be cutting the ribbon soon.

Coming Soon


By using ReMeLife’s apps and purchasing products and services in the Marketplace, and through inviting friends and family to join your network, you’ll earn ReMStars.

These can be used to purchase products in the marketplace, given to family or donated to charities. Or of course retained for future use or even traded outside of the ReMeLife Token Ecosystem


ReMeLife connects you to a global community where you can find people with similar
interests, concerns and needs.
You can create new topics and share content.
And by using Rooms, you can easily and safely get connected.

News & Blogs

We’ll keep you up to date with key content, breaking stories and news, those that will keep your friends and family talking, whatever their age, cultural background or global location.
And, we’ll keep you up to date with news in relation to those care conditions that are relevant to your needs.