We love Playstore. But there’s so much to choose from and so many versions of the key apps, such as board games. How can you choose which are best for persons being cared for, those that don’t have disturbing content, are the most recent and that are free of charge and of adverts.
Using the wrong apps can be frustrating. The ReMe App Playstore Portal (we call it RAPP for short) does the work for you, by providing an already curated selection of the best Playstore apps., those that will optimise your experience.

And, as well as everyone’s favourites, such as Google Earth, YouTube, Netflix, iPlayer, etc., you can also download any apps you find yourself directly into RAPP, such as creativity tools like making music, art and skills learning.
RAPP also provides RemindMecare’s own huge activity library, with something for every day of the year. Pancake day? World knitting day? We’ve got them covered with a readymade activity. There’s also films, quizzes and music compilations, and those compiled specifically for the care and therapy, such as CST’s, yoga and meditation.
RAPP’s also integrated with RemindMecare’s Personal My Story module, so you can present any personal content, such as photo albums, video music compilations and family made playlists. And you can capture the spoken word. Moments of personal discovery and stories spoken can be recorded in the Life Story module, for use in care and as a family record for posterity.
You can screen share games remotely with family using the inbuilt video chat Room, and everyone can track which apps have been enjoyed or that have had a negative impact. Such recorded discoveries are critical in ensuring that positive experiences are repeated and negative events documented to avoid reoccurrence.
Your RAPP library is updated with new Playstore releases as they arrive, and we make regular suggestions from our own discoveries of new activities. RAPP simply makes your use of Playstore in the care process easier, more fulfilling and better managed.
RAPP may not be metaverse enabled just yet,  but it won’t be long before you’ll be able to use RAPP as a portal to this fascinating new world that is now just around the corner. For with RAPP you’ll be the first to know when you can take advantage of the Metaverse in your care process.
So download RAPP today. And don’t forget to register free as a ReMeLife Member to optimise your experience. For the online world is getting better everyday and RAPP will be there, evolving along the way to ensure you never miss out.