ReMe Connect, coming soon to an Alexa near you …

Research in assisted living and care facilities in the US and UK shows that home carers and the elderly that self-manage their own care, are responsive to voice interaction and show increased medication and hydration adherence.

ReMe Connect is our integration with Amazon Echo devices that use the Alexa voice agent. Connecting to Alexa using ReMe Alexa Connect means that users can stay in touch and receive notifications, reminders, appointments, news, and entertainment. Interaction through voice is simply easier to use and a more natural way to communicate.

ReMeLife and ReMe Connects Alexa care skills are the ideal addition to a care support strategy.

For the Individual: ReMe Connect provides reassurance through the power of voice. Medical and hydration reminders are delivered alongside timely notification of visits and appointments, while messages from loved ones provide a welcome surprise.

For Family Members and Carers: ReMe Connects Alexa skills provide a means to collaborate in care provision and keep abreast of events in the day to day life of the person being cared for. Through ReMe Connect and its integration with the ReMeLife app, Alexa is better informed to know the person and so becomes a support, a resource and a recourse when needs arise.

If you are already a ReMeLife Member, then you’ll be updated the moment that ReMe Connect for Alexa is ready.