Can you use Powerpoint? Are you creative? Got spare time? Want to work from home?

How would you like to help us create online Acitivities?

Everyday we create activities for use by those being cared for. They vary from quizzes to Weekly News Reviews, from cognitive therapy to World Days activities on such as Easter, the Holi Festival, the boat race to Formula One and International Shoes Day. The range of what is suitable is almost limitless.

Our creation process makes it easy and fun, so you’ll soon find your creative juices flowing. You can work when you want and as often as you want. You simply define your range of preferences from the list below and we’ll send you a list of activities that we want you to build for us. There are no deadlines (well a little), no pressure (well, we do want you to follow our process), and no constraints (OK, we want you to have fun and be creative, so there’s care and quality in what you produce). It’s simple.

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Weekly News Review 

Every week we produce a review of the weeks news. We do this for multiple countries around the world, as well as a general world news update. Would you like to produce one of these every now and then, or regularly.

World Days

Every day of the year has something happening. And we provide activities that present them in a fun way. Images, videos, news stories, music, all capture the essence of the event and provide content that engages and generates conversation, debate and memories.


We produce all sorts of quiz types regularly, from Believe it or Not, True or False, to celebrity and news quizzes. If quizzes are your thing, perhaps you would like to take on the production of some of them.

General Activities

Everybody has a passion. Whether its football, travelling, knitting or karate. Why not create some activities, media activities or even interactive sessions around your special area of interest and expertise? Our members love to learn about new worlds, new experiences and interesting lives. Got some memories and knowledge that would interest others? Why not get paid for sharing them?