Peter’s Gardening tips for June


After the sunniest Spring on record and the fact that we have all had more time to spend in our gardens, June is the month to enjoy not only the sights but also the wonderful scents.

Scent to my mind is one of the most important features of any garden and so often forgotten about or overlooked in gardening as a whole.

Scent derives from volatile ‘Essential Oils’ stored in plants which are released as they mix with air and oxidise. Flowers produce essential oil called attar which is found normally in the petals. Scent in flowers is released as the flowers open and fades as the flowers wither, temperature also affects the strength of the scent.

Flowers produce these smells to attract pollinators to fertilise their flowers, bees, butterflies, moths, beetles etc, some have smells or scents that are rather unpleasant that mimic rotting flesh or decaying matter to attract flies, and then there are those that have wonderful scents used in fragrances and perfumery.

June is the month when some of the best shrubs come into their own – roses the nations favourite plant fill gardens with heady scents, as far as I am concerned a rose must smell to be in any garden!

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