ReMeLife provides apps and services that support the needs of a variety of care and community sectors.

ReMeLife and its key apps RemindMecare and ReMe Connect Alexa, improve quality of life through digitally improved person-centred care, ease of connectivity and self and remote care management.

Uniquely, ReMeLife collects knowledge of the person through digital activities, and uses this data to improve their engagement with those in their care circles, and to increase their ability to use digital tools to improve their lives.

And Members earn REME tokens as rewards, for performing their usual care actions, data actions, entertainment and therapy. These REME’s can be redeemed for products and services in the ReMeLife Market or traded on crypto exchanges.

ReMeLife captures the value inherent in care and shares it with its members, instead of selling it to the highest bidder, as do most digital service providers. 



At the heart of ReMeLife, is RemindMecare (aka ReMe) that's used by persons cared for, families, carers and care businesses, providing care support, bespoke experiences, connectivity, entertainment and therapy.   More


LOGIN     here to your RemindMecare activities, care circle connectivity and daily support app. And much, much more.  More

ROOMS     With a dedicated ‘always on’ communications space, connecting and remotely caring for someone becomes easier.  More


REME CONNECT ALEXA     With our proprietary Alexa care skills, your Alexa will become a powerful mix of notifications, scheduling, entertainment and remote connectivity.    More

NOTIFICATIONS     The RemindMecare app makes messaging and alerts easier for everyone is an essential part of daily self-care management.    More


ACTIVITIES     Activities that match interests and past experience provide a means for everyone to better relate. Discovering and capturing common interests crosses generational and cultural divides.   More

LIFE STORIES       The experiences and memories of a lifetime make us who we are. Capturing, recording and engage digitally with a persons life story and digital profile is both rewarding and beneficial to caring.  More


NEWS, BLOGS & FORUMS       Finding forums where you can connect with those with similar interests and concerns can provide an important window to the world.    More

EVENTS     ReMe Markets Events section provides listings of online and offline events of all types; from cooking to art, learning to meetups, offering entertainment and interaction for everyone,  More

MARKETPLACE     ReMe Market provides a broad range of discounted products and services, all those you need whether to support caring for someone with today's leading tech or the daily needs of those self -supporting at home, or for those being cared for in a care facility. More

REWARDS BASED CARE     Earning REMEs encourages us all to help one another. Members gain tokens from a multitude of Care Actions; from digital care activities to purchasing discounted care products in the ReMe Market. Together, we’ll reap the rewards from providing better care.  More


We learnt from personal experience that more people are opting for home care. So we built ReMeLife to addresses self-care management, isolation, and the lack of tech inclusion and community engagement.

We’ve created a means to capture the value in your caring actions and the data you generate in doing so. And instead of selling it to the data harvesting giants that control our digital lives, we monetise it for you, providing  you with the means to take control of your care and take back ownership of your data.

It’s time that those that are daily engaged in care, whether with their families, neighbours, friends or professionally, are better recognised, rewarded and supported.


ReMeLife addresses some of the key issues of the times we live in. Our six pillars define ReMeLife’s business and product suite, and illustrate the core foundations that underpin our mission.

PERSONALISED CARE   Every person is an individual and care must be person centered; online inclusivity should reach those that are often currently ignored.

REWARDED CARE   Caring is hard. People should be properly rewarded for their commitment and support, using the profits they generate for others through their unremunerated work.

DATA OWNERSHIP   Your data should be controlled by you. For not only should it be secure and GDPR compliant but it should also work for you and deliver a return for your efforts.

RETAIL SHARING   Loyal customers should be rewarded from the substantial retail margins available in online purchasing, for their work in finding, purchasing and sharing products.

BUSINESS SHARING  The success of a business should be shared with the employees and customers that have been responsible for its growth in a equitable and easily accessible manner.

CHARITY SHARING  Every business should ensure that they deliver an optimally positive social impact and take responsibility for those charities that support their customer base.


Everyone’s heard of bitcoin and blockchain. Yes they’re new, mysterious and confusing. You’re not alone. We were the same a few years ago.

The bottom line? Your online apps generate data from the ‘work’ you perform daily using them, and this is sold to advertisers that algorithmically barrage us with opinion altering consumer messages, bringing wealth to all in the supply chain… except for the owner of the data.

Blockchain makes it possible for us to manage and monetise this data for our Members, instead of it being harvested by the tech giants. And, for Members to be rewarded for their ‘care actions’ in tokens that have real financial value.

To earn rewards tokens, Members need do nothing more than what they’re already doing, namely caring for others;

CARE ACTIONS  Use ReMeLife’s apps to support those you care for.
REFERRALS  Invite friends and family to join ReMeLife.
BONUSES  Earn rewards from your/your networks Care Actions.

The earned tokens can then be used to purchase discounted products in our marketplace, be stored in a wallet to capitalise on their value over time, be donated to any chosen party, or be traded for cash.

A fair distribution of the value inherent in digital care. Simple really.