Oasis: ‘I thought I split the band in Morning Glory recording sessions’


It’s regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time, a soundtrack that defined a Britpop generation and the home to some iconic indie rock anthems.

Music fans are celebrating and reminiscing as on Friday it is 25 years since Oasis’ record-breaking seminal masterpiece (What’s The Story) Morning Glory was released to much hype and hysteria.

But the very existence of the band was thrown into doubt during its recording back in 1995 after a “Victorian fistfight” between singer Liam Gallagher and songwriting brother Noel on the studio lawn.

“A fight? There were air rifles, fire extinguishers and a TV was hanging out the window while still plugged in,” recalls a trusted member of Oasis’ entourage.

The Gallagher brothers clashed in what was described as their “biggest fight yet” at the end of their first week of what was due to be a six-week session in south Wales, a scrap that caused recording to come to a grinding halt.

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