Musical Therapy and All That Jazz


Music: More Than Just Easy Listening?

Music is a language that everyone speaks and understands. In its various genres and served in different forms, created with varying musical dynamics and arrangements of rhythm – music unites and breaks barriers. It’s a medium that all people can relate to. The sound of music has breached new frontiers and more and more research studies demonstrate that the use of music can now be much more than just a form of entertainment with its ability to remedy and improve quality of life as well as the health and general wellbeing of individuals who are struggling with the management of a number of conditions.

The research now being made available is suggestive that music may be beneficial for a number of cognitive disorders, namely pervasive developmental disorders such as autism and mental disorders like Dementia. As a form of therapy, it’s something that both the young and old can take advantage of and gain access to. Often used as a supplement for the more common forms of treatment for learning disabilities, mental (Dementia) and developmental disorders – musical therapy has been proven to enhance cognitive, emotional and physical functioning.

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