We’ve learnt from personal experience that more and more people are opting for being cared for at home. This drove us to develop a product that addresses the key issues of self-care management, isolation, and the lack of tech inclusion and community engagement.

To achieve this, we’ve created a way to capture the value in your caring actions and the data you generate in doing so. And instead of selling it to the data harvesting giants that control our digital lives, we monetise it for our Members. The ReMeLife Rewards based Membership community is the solution, providing the means to take control of our care and take back ownership of our data.

We aim to improve care through digital activities; that focus on community, communication and using data the way it should be used.  It’s time that those that are daily engaged in care, whether with their families, neighbours, friends or professionally, are better recognised, rewarded and supported.


With life becoming ever more complicated, it’s vital that our main focus both serves the key needs of our Members and addresses the key issues of the times we live in.

Therefore, our ‘six pillars’ define both ReMeLife’s business and product suite and illustrate the core foundations that underpin our mission.

PERSONALISED CARE   Every person is an individual and care must reflect this. Tech must be deployed that improves person centered care and online inclusivity, and should reach those that are currently ignored, being perceived as not of commercial value.

REWARDED CARE   Caring is hard. People should be properly rewarded for their commitment and support, using the profits they generate for others through their unremunerated work.

DATA OWNERSHIP   Your data should be controlled by you. For not only should it be secure and GDPR compliant but it should also work for you and deliver a return for your efforts.

RETAIL SHARING   Loyal customers should be rewarded from the substantial retail margins available in online purchasing, for their work in finding, purchasing and sharing products.

BUSINESS SHARING  The success of a business should be shared, from the outset, with the employees and customers that have been responsible for its growth in a manner that is equitable and easily accessible.

CHARITY SHARING  Every business should ensure that they deliver an optimally positive social impact and take responsibility for those charities that support their customer base.


As you use ReMeLife apps to support your care needs, you’ll be passively collecting ReMStars, just like Air Miles or Tesco Points.

In six months time, when we launch the full ReMeLife Token Community, you’ll be able to exchange them for products and services in the ReMeLife Marketplace.

ReMeLife will be working to protect your data and ensure that the care sector, care organisations, local care businesses and carers, all benefit from the value that is built into the digital process.

We’re a committed team, with a mission born of personal experience in care; to bring rewards based care to families, carers and to the world.

ReMeLife’s a win: win… for everyone.