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How interior design can boost resident and carer wellbeing

Designing interiors for care homes is far more than choosing a pretty cushion or the most practical seating – although both of these are important factors that should not be overlooked. Decor, furniture and layout for care homes can have a direct effect on patients, families and even staff’s wellbeing.

In this article Dana O’Donell and Joyce McLelland, senior interior designers at Blueleaf explore the importance of interior design within the care industry.

No two care homes are the same which means each interior design project comes with its own challenges and rewards. Whether the aim is to encourage independence, create a balance of comfort and safety, or even to reduce stress and symptoms of dementia, design techniques can have a major impact.

The best designers go beyond the look and feel of a space to incorporate an effective care model that meets the everyday needs of residents and staff. Addressing specific age-related impairments that impact on mobility, sight, hearing and memory are all elements and issues which should be incorporated into initial design planning.