Genie Connect with ReMe will help combat loneliness and improve mental health in the UK

Genie is powered by an artificial intelligence engine, so it is able to hold a conversation with someone, meaning that you can chat to Genie and ask it questions. Genie will also offer you things you might be interested in, based on your profile. This creates an ‘artificial companionship’, which we hope will go some way to alleviate loneliness and increase connectivity. However, that is not all it offers, but just one of the three pillars of our solution.

The second pillar is a piece of software through a partner of ours, called RemindMeCare. Their amazing solution has been designed to prevent cognitive decline through memory stimulation and reminiscing with deeply personalised content. When a user signs up to the service, there is a short set-up process with them and their families and carers in which we go through some basic criteria – where they live, where they worked, what they like, etc – and that life story becomes the foundation of the solution.

Based on that profile, the AI engine behind the RemindMeCare software will do its work and bring them the user content that is relevant to them. This could be something like offering the user a chance to look at a video of their grandchildren or some news about one of their interests. The software is how we see the personalisation being manifested, but also offers much more in terms of entertainment and connectivity.


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