How Are Genes Involved In developing hearing loss?


Hearing loss can develop due to a number of reasons. The loss can be caused by age, injury or exposure to loud sounds. However, another common cause is genetics.

What is genetic hearing loss?

Genetic hearing loss can be present at birth (also known as congenital hearing loss) or can be delayed onset, meaning the loss occurs over time but the root cause is still genetic.

Hearing loss caused by genetics can be related to other hereditary conditions. Other conditions that are related to hereditary, congenital hearing loss:

  • Usher Syndrome
  • Down Syndrome
  • Waardenburg Syndrome

Progressive vs. Non-Progressive

Genetic hearing loss can be progressive or non-progressive.

Progressive hearing loss relates to the loss that develops, becoming progressively worse, over time. The level of loss and progression can vary in each ear.

Non-progressive hearing loss is when the degree of hearing remains stable over time.

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