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      Sam Davies

      I love listening to Piano music! Piano players are so good at evoking emotions from the listener. Piano music helps me to unwind after a busy, stressful day. I hope to learn to play the piano at some point!

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      Astelle Harvey

      To me, all music is fascinating, because it is one’s medium of expression. Ranging from classical piano compositions from the 1700s and 1800s, the explosion of rock and roll in the 50s, to the exposure of Asian artists to the western audience in modern times. Music is also one of the easiest methods of educating on different cultures; you can usually identify if a piece of music correlates to ancient China by their distinct instruments, or the romantic allure of France with the soothing sounds and emotional vocals. I’ve also realised that, different music can supply different needs. If I want to be more thoughtful into the piece I’m hearing, I would prefer a more English/American orientated composition. Not only am I more familiar with how music has changed over the years and pinpoint key components in the melody, but I also speak English, so knowing what the lyrics mean and how they should be performed is more natural. Alternatively, soundtracks to films are also fun to look into, English origin or not. Whilst if I wanted something more hyper and energetic, something to supply excitement and joy, perhaps as the background to when I’m playing games, or getting in the mood for a more lively matter, I would gravitate to Japanese music. Obviously, not all Japanese music is like this, but the direction they make with rock or pop or even heavy metal comes across as different and unique, especially when compared to what’s standard in the western world. After exploring a lot of Japanese origin music, I came to the conclusion that, a lot of times the singers aren’t that great. Still very good, no doubt, but there’s only a few I could compare their vocals to the greats I already know. This is interesting, because it means that even with the fine vocalists, their songs can exceed expectations by the instrumentals alone, clearly showing their expertise in the craft. Even trying to sing along becomes a lot more engaging than with English music, because it adds that challenge and journey of learning. It’s a new experience each time. Going back to film soundtracks, I prefer listening to a lot of these when in the need of calming. If I’m upset, I can capture that nostalgic feeling when listening to “Binary Sunset” from Star Wars, elevating my emotional strength and happiness, portraying hope, and that I shouldn’t lose it, I must keep going on. Even outside of the film, that theme can retain its powerful, raw emotion; only a true masterpiece can accomplish that so brilliantly.

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      Jacob Smith

      i personally like pop music more than anything

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      My favourite films are horror and classic films that have story’s in them

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      Sarah Milburn

      Classical music is brilliant. It can really invoke the emotions it aims to portray from you. It can be so relaxing to listen to especially when you’re feeling particularly anxious or upset.

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        Also when you’re problem solving, nothing gets your mind into gear quite like Mozart.

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      I agree. Music can also benefit caregivers by reducing anxiety and distress, lightening the mood, and providing a way to connect with loved ones who have Alzheimer’s disease — especially those who have difficulty communicating.
      If you’d like to use music to help a loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease, consider these tips:
      What kind of music does your loved one enjoy?
      To calm your loved one during mealtime or a morning hygiene routine, play music or sing a song that’s soothing.
      Singing along to music together with your loved one can boost the mood and enhance your relationship.
      If your loved one reacts negatively to a particular song or type of music, choose something else.

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      I love mix of all sorts of music but the one music I love to listen to the most to  and feel relaxed is classical music’s really helps me to  relax and focus or even when I want listen to music and chill in my free time at home. But my favourite one is Beethoven is one example of iconic classical music i love to listen to  and helps me relax and focus help me get inner peace.

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