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      Jacob Smith

      My favourite story i remember all the time was when i was around 8 and i somehow managed to drop my brothers nintendo ds down the stairs 7 times. The funny part was that it still worked after and only broke after my brother dropped it the next day

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        Ari Rani

        It’s these funny events we remember all our lives. My mum remembers how when she left me in my pram when I was little and she wrnt into the shop ( yes in those days people did this with no fear hard to imagine ) when she came back she was shocked as the pram was empty. I had climbed into the pram next to it and was drinking that kids milk!

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        Holly Wright

        How did you manage to drop it 7 times

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      hi every one when i first lived with jill i went on my first Holiday to Cyprus and it was good but it was to hot for me the two other girls came to but one had to move out because she was being rude to me .

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      to this day  I’m still live in care and I’m having the most part of my life but I’m hoping to move out to find my own home

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      i Remember when i was young i was living with my mum , nan and little brother called dean but all of the change when my Parents passed away and all we had was are nan but she was very old and  had a lot  of Problems going on so me and helped her the best we could but when we went in to care dean had to move out after 2 years livening there and i stayed i have be in care for 12 years and are nan sadly passed away

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      Rachel Adams

      This was a very heartwarming and funny story Lucy, thank you so much for sharing this with us!

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      when i was 19 back in the day me and my best close friend went to the cinema together and me and him both got medium big size popcorn boxes we both had 1 each. Anyway as we both got into the cinema as  we both walk up metal stars get to are seats etc . Mid far back row there was group these young hot girls  i got into my seat first but my mate got nervous and he miss a step as he got up and fell over miss a step. And all the popcorn went everywhere all over the floor lmfao and all group girls laughing at him so embarrassing. But funny as hell  to watch happen to him lamo true story that only I know lol. (:

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