Is it good to sleep when I have a migraine?

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      Rachel Adams

      I think if you were to take some pain relief before sleeping it would be a little easier to sleep. To answer your question, however, you can sleep with migraines, in fact sometimes it’s probably better to sleep.

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      From what I’ve heard if you can get to sleep whilst you have a migraine then you should. It can be easier said than done though.

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      I have friend that suffers from migraines somewhat regularly and he often finds that as soon as he can tell it’s gonna be a bad one he pops a couple headache tablets and tries to go to sleep. He often finds that sleep is the best thing for him as if he stays awake with a bad migraine he’s just gonna end up feeling worse and worse and end up feeling nauseous.

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      Hi. I am suffering from migraine. How should I overcome Migraine? Is it good to sleep when I have a migraine?

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