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      Faye Karni

      Best to learn a musical instrument as it will be with you for life. My parents pushed me to play the guitar. they started me with classical – painful, but I soon got into blues, and from then on it has been a saviour all my life
      Games come and go

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      Jacob Smith

      well when im bored i go to games that i have hundreds of hours on because i know that i will enjoy it

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        Simon Hooper

        Doom is still the best game ever made! Ok perhaps that’s because it’s the only obe i have ever got the end of. But it is still a classic!

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        Faye Karni

        Doom is brilliant. I nearly lost my job playing it at work. I was lucky, my boss loved it also and said that he was also addicted so he forgave me

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      Rachel Adams

      I tend to play older games, like some of Nintendo’s classic games collection. They bring me so much nostalgia.

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        Simon Hooper

        Sounds crazy, but i juggle. Either with a football doing keepie uppies, or with three oranges. Good for the brain!

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      Brian Miller

      I used to play board games with my son every weekend (before Covid-19 hit us). Games such as Scrabble and Ludo are great games to play with a few family members or friends.

      If you don’t want to play with others then there are always gaming consoles with a large library of games.

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      Janie Stevens

      Chess is the king of games. Its so like life. If you can handle planning ahead, and then watching your plans be destroyed and then having to start again with a new plan, in chess, then life becomes a doddle….that’s until your 12 year old kid beats you four games in a row. Then its time to take up draughts!

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        Faye Karni

        Chess has become so cool, how did that happen over night. I thought that at least I had that over my kids, who mock my lack of ability with a game controller – but in just a couple of years it seems that youtube has inspired them and taught them – they thrash me.
        Who says YT is corrupting our kids!
        Kids today, no respect!

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      Alex Frederick

      One thing I love to do when bored is cryptic crosswords. They always help to keep my mind active and it’s very satisifying when I get an answer right. Whoelse does cryptic crosswords?

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      Robert Mason

      If you have any Games Consoles they will have a plethora of choices of games to play. Other than that I’m sure you have board games at home and hopefully someone to play it with.

      If you don’t have access to that there is a load of games you can play by yourself with a simple deck of cards such as solitaire for example.

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      Due to Covid-19 nowadays my school is close. I feel very bored at home. So I thought I start to play the game but I cannot understand which game is more entertaining for me?
      what types of game can I play when I am bored?

Viewing 7 reply threads
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