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      billy drago

      i have tow dogs and 5 adult rabbits  also two litters of baby ones

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      John S

      I have a lovely blue staff called Elsa you gotta be careful otherwise if you get too close she’ll lick you to death haha

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        Simon Hooper

        Great dogs. But I have never understood why they are called blue staffs. For they’re not blue?
        Can you show me a picture of yours.
        That Blue cat, now that’s blue!


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      Tyler Jones

      When I was younger I used to have hamsters. I didn’t have multiple at the same time as hamsters are usually solitary animals and prefer their own company. Hamsters aren’t too hard to look after, but can be very hard to catch if they escape. One of my hamsters escaped their cage once and we didn’t find him until a week later when he was climbing up the curtains in the living room.

      As for pets I have now, I’m a big cat lover. I have two cats, Monty and Patches. They’re very mellow, and rarely ever cause any trouble. That doesn’t stop them from sneaking into the kitchen to find more food whilst I’m away though!

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      I used to have a pet hamster called ‘Hammy’ (I know it’s stereotypical).

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      I used to have two dogs. I had a Golden Retriever called Oscar who was the cutest gentlest soul there ever was with such a warmth in his heart. I also had a King-Charles Cavalier Spaniel called Tye who was a sort of rescue in a way as when he was very young he used to be an old ladies dog and she had to go into a care home and unfortunately she couldn’t bring Tye with her. So, she gave him to her neighbour who she knew was good with dogs; my brother. Then Tye didn’t really fit in there as my brothers dog didn’t get on very well with him etc. So I decided to take him on as I already had Oscar and then those two were just the best of buddies.

      I also have female black cat with white accents who is a warm, fluffy and full of love called Harvey. The name is to do with mixup when she was a kitten as initially I was told that she was a boy so I named her Harvey and then by the time I’d learned that she is a girl the name had stuck.

      Unfortunately Oscar passed away at the age of 11 and Tye passed away a few years later at the age of around 9 (we could never be sure of his age as the old lady didn’t tell us). It broke my heart when they went but I treasure the memories that I have of them.

      On a lighter note seeing as it’s been a few years I still crave mans-best-friends companionship and I’m seeking a new dog. One of the breeds I am gravitating towards at the moment is a Daschund.

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      Sarah Milburn

      I’m currently looking after some kittens for my daughter. She works a lot and so she doesn’t have much time to give them the attention they need. They’re so cute, but ever since they started walking they’ve started to cause a little trouble around the house. Nothing too serious fortunately, so all will be okay!

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      Brian Miller

      Hello to everyone here,

      Has anyone had any pets before? I used to have a chocolate labrador called Monty. He was the most gentle dog I have ever known. He used to follow me everywhere, and loved affection. He always slept on the very end of my bed, and would always jump on me in the early mornings to wake me up (luckily he wasn’t too big).

      Unfortunately he passed away a decade ago, but I am currently deciding whether I should get a new one. I would love to hear about your pets.

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