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Better memory found to protect against later decline

A team of US researchers have found that those with better memory and thinking in later life are less likely to develop problems a decade later. The researchers published their findings today (Wednesday 22 July) in the scientific journal, Neurology.

Barnsley’s Selina Wray made a Professor of dementia research

Barnsley-born dementia researcher Selina Wray has been awarded a Professorship at the University College London (UCL). In her work, Prof Wray uses cutting-edge techniques with stem cells to unravel the causes of dementia, a condition for which there is currently no cure.

Unleashing brain support cells may help slow Parkinson’s disease

Researchers from the US and China have shown they can reprogramme brain cells using RNA-based genetic manipulation to help limit Parkinson’s disease in mice. The findings are published in the prestigious scientific journal, Nature.

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