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Charitable Care Home Resident Celebrates World Book Day

Trenewydd Care home celebrating world book day

World Book Day, also known as International Day of the Book or Copyright Day, is an annual event held to celebrate and promote reading, literature, and copyright. This event is an avenue to increase the bonding and relationship among readers and students. As a result, Trenewydd care home always prioritizes celebrating this event annually to show their love for care.

Reading has always been part and parcel of our culture globally, from time immemorial. This is because it widens our knowledge and helps us connect seamlessly anywhere and anytime.

Trenewydd Care Home: A Brief History of World Book Day

Work Book Day is an event organized by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to ensure our passion for books and reading never dies. It all started on April 23rd, 1995, as an event to celebrate iconic writers like William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, and other prominent authors.

However, the date varies depending on the country. But the objective is still the same—celebrating writers and promoting reading.

To join in this celebration, Trenewydd Care Home has something unique to celebrate World Book Day. The residents, who are older and live at the care home, are planning to meet a group of young children from Llanfaes Primary School. One of the residents, Maureen Cameron Francis, also known as Mo, has a fantastic story to share.

Brief Introduction about Maureen Cameron Francis at Trenewddy Care Home

Right from childhood, Mo has been a lover of horses and knows a lot about them. She even became a riding instructor to help disabled people who couldn’t ride horses. She started a special group called the carriage-driving branch of the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA). This group helps disabled people connect with horses and enjoy being around them.

She is not only good with horses but also a talented writer. She wrote a book about horses to raise money for the charity she founded. Her book is full of exciting stories and beautiful pictures. Mo is not only a writer but also a famous poet. In fact, she won a bronze medal for one of her poems and even traveled to Washington to receive it.

How Trenewddy Care Home Plans to Celebrate World Book Day

On World Book Day, Mo will join Year 3 pupils from Llanfaes Primary School and her fellow residents at Trenewydd care home on Thursday, March 5th, to mark the internationally-recognized day through the sharing of stories.

Louise Williams, who plans activities at the care home, is very happy about the visit from the school children. She believes that when older residents spend time with younger visitors, it makes them feel less lonely and more optimistic. Louise is sure the children will be eager to meet her and hear all about her interesting life and the fascinating stories from the other residents.

At Trenewydd Care Home, everyone is getting ready for this special day. The halls are decorated with colorful decorations, and books will be available everywhere. They hope the children will light up with excitement as they enter the care home, and their mouths will fill with smiles when they see Mo. That’s because she has a kind smile that makes everyone feel comfortable.

Mo’s Sit Out with the Children

Mo will have a sit-together with the children to share her horse stories. The aim is to get their attention and keep them glued to the world of imagination of the fantastic adventures she describes. Mo’s book also gets passed around, and the children are captivated by the pictures and stories inside.

Meanwhile, the other residents enjoy as the children and Mo connect. They can’t help but smile as they remember their pasts, reliving happy memories. This special time together makes them feel important and valued.

Trenewydd care home leveraging on the power of storytelling to celebrate World Book DayFurthermore, she believes world book day is not just about books. It’s about bringing people of different ages together and creating a sense of belonging. It’s a reminder that sharing stories and spending time with others can make a big difference in our lives.

Both Mo and the residents want to make the day a special day for the children and make their hearts full of sweet memories from this special day. Similarly, the aim is to leave the children with new knowledge and inspiration from the residents. Trenewydd Care Home is always striving to be a place where sharing and treasuring stories is a priority and promotes valuing people’s life experiences.

In the quiet moments that follow, the magic of World Book Day will forever linger at Trenewydd Care Home. They believe that the bond between the generations and the love for literature continues to bring joy and inspiration to all who live there.

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