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The care industries record of looking for software solutions is poor and pretty much is limited to the use of care planning software (which I believe is present in only less than 20% of care facilities), and which only really deals with care management and does not touch on person-centered care delivery or activity replication. RemindMeCare seeks to rectify this lack. A new breed of software, which we call activity based software, it is based on engaging the person, through therapy and bespoke activities, and quantitatively measuring outcomes; and then using this data to improve person-centred care (although we prefer the term relationship centred care, as its more outcome focused), through ever-increasing knowledge of the person. But another result of the system is that the care process becomes quantifiable (especially CQC regs 9 and 10) and so it enables a new manager, indeed enforces a new manager, to maintain a formalized person-centered care process. Therefore the care staff maintain continuity of good care practices and there is little dissipation of the positive practices previously installed. An example is the role of the activity coordinator. Again their turnover is high, not least because they are inadequately supported and are required to use traditional process to provide entertainment. They have no means of monitoring outcomes. RemindMeCare can ease and streamline their task. But tech is coming to care homes increasingly now, as broadband and tablets prevail. Even the CQC is wielding such expectations and as the workforce becomes more tablet based in their own lives so adoption will be easier. We firmly believe it will have a radical effect on the care process. Those that are the early adopters will gain the financial benefits that can come from improving care through the use of technology. The fee-paying client is beginning to expect it and will choose a home that can provide software solutions that provide connectivity and reporting. Its all there, all available, it just takes a little vision and effort to make the transition (