How interior design can boost resident and carer wellbeing

Designing interiors for care homes is far more than choosing a pretty cushion or the most practical seating – although both of these are important factors that should not be overlooked. Decor, furniture and layout for care homes can have a direct effect on patients, families and even staff’s wellbeing. In this article Dana O’Donell […]

Tomorrow’s World

The speakers at this year’s Care England conference & exhibition, Tomorrow’s World, will peer into their crystal ball and predict what the next 10 years hold in store for social care. Booking is now open for this must attend event which takes place at the Church House Conference Centre in Westminster on Thursday 12 November […]

Folkestone Care Home Owner Takes to National Stage

The owner of a care home in Folkestone was a judge at one of the most prestigious industry awards schemes in the UK last week. The judging for the Great British Care Awards was held at the impressive International Convention Centre in Birmingham to decide the national winners of more than 20 individual categories from […]

Gracewell of Ascot Help to Tackle Poverty in Local Community

Residents and staff at Gracewell of Ascot want to help the local community by encouraging donations to Bracknell food bank. Bracknell Food Bank is run by the Trussell Trust, and they provide people in need with non-perishable, nutritionally balanced food boxes, using donated food items. As part of the home’s community initiative, Gracewell of Ascot […]

Charitable Care Home Resident to Celebrate World Book Day with Local Schoolchildren

A former award-winning poet and writer who founded a charity to help disabled horse lovers will be among a number of care home residents meeting primary schoolchildren on World Book Day as part of an intergenerational partnership. Maureen Cameron Francis, better known as Mo, will join Year 3 pupils from Llanfaes Primary School and her […]

Are Digi therapeutics a viable proposition in dementia care?

Digi therapeutics and Digi pharma are new terms recently arrived in the UK from the US that define the emerging yet for many as yet unevaluated trends in the UK. Namely the ability of apps to act effectively either alongside or independently of medication. New care tech is causing treatment paradigms to be reconsidered. For […]

Is voice a game changer? And what of GDPR? A tale of two colliding needs

Just like every hyped technology that has come before it, voice-first interaction or smart speaker devices promise a ‘transformational’ change. What they finally end up delivering in contrast to the promise, remains to be seen. At its core the proposition is made up of 3 key components. First the ears, a microphone and software that […]

Are Apps, Digi therapeutics and activities the way forward?

Technology’s causing treatment paradigms to be reconsidered. Previously, it was almost impossible to match treatment with cognitive and behavioral changes. Today ‘Digi’ apps offer more flexible treatment and monitoring alternatives. Digital therapeutics are defined as immersive programs that act reliably and remotely to change individual’s behaviours to achieve positive clinical outcomes and reduce medical cost […]