The ReMeLife Membership community brings benefits to its Members. And if you have products and services to offer then you can present them in the ReMeLife Marketplace.


Whether you’re a home care provider or a care home, a day care centre or a private carer, or have products and services to sell, ReMeLife provides you with a means to offer your services and to reach very large and  global audience.

And it’s FREE to set up

We’ll charge a click through fee (more on that later) and will at a later date may ask that you offer a discount to our Members, as we make various promotional offers. Basically, there’s no risk, nothing to lose, everything to gain.
For care providers, you should consider using RemindMecare to deliver digital activities, enhanced person- centred care and to capture outcomes data that will validate the quality of your care provision, whether to families, managers or the regulators.
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RemindMecare was built for care providers. As Activity based software that generates Electronic Life Records (we created these now widely used terms), RemindMecare generates an ROI whilst improving care. So we consider it to be free, but you can decide for yourself.
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Whether you wish to sell products that support the needs of our members, such as assistive technology or wish to perform to the occupants of care facilities; or perhaps you are a school wishing to broaden the reach of your fund raising events, or a coffee shop planning to hold a dementia morning, you can list and promote your offering for free in ReMe Market and use ReMe Events to perform or promote live.
Simply create your Listing and store front and keep it up to date.
As they say. ‘Build it and they will come’.
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The ReMeLife Token ecosystem is unique. Here’s why.
Every customer of yours that registers with ReMeLife becomes part of your network. Whenever they buy other products in the Marketplace, you’ll receive a commission. And when they sign up any of their own network, who also then buy products, you’ll receive a commission on these sales also. This referral commission takes place down to three levels. Therefore, the more of your customers that join your network, the bigger the passive income you’ll receive at the end of each month.
Why not set up your store now. You simply set up your shop and present your products, message, videos and demos (it takes about 10 minutes to create and launch).