RemindMecare has an activity for every day of the week, for every occasion and for every celebration. Simply click and play.
And a calendar that shows you what is happening today around the world, and with an activity ready to be played to explore the event. The activities (we call them ReMeMades) are free… and fun.
You can schedule and share activities remotely, engage with distant family and create your own activities; perhaps a school project or fund raiser, and promote your creation as widely as you wish.
Simply register as a Member and download from the app stores.


Entertainment and activities of all types from all over the world are available, piped into your Room. Whether one to one or group performances, activities and events are now available (often free), whatever and whenever you want.

Coffee Mornings

Meet up with friends, family, whether local or global. The world is at your fingertips.
It might be a group focused on a specific hobbies or physical activities,
and of course its great when they lead to offline engagement.


Exercises, therapy, wellbeing

Whether a regular physical exercise meeting, yoga or keep fit, or a specialist group catering for cognitive or disability needs, ReMe Meets gives you the means to attend numerous events from all over the world.


Special Interest Groups

We all have interests, hobbies and even obsessions, whether gardening or collecting beetles. Your friends may think your passion is crazy, but there’s plenty out there who won’t and who will revel in your knowledge.
The world’s a big place but common interests makes it much smaller.


Care Meetings

ReMe Meets provides a window on the world, a global forum and a chance to meet people in similar circumstances. Many care groups use ReMe Meets to set up long distance groups for those they care for, who have relatives in multiple locations, or to establish links with other care groups with similar interests. ReMeMeets makes planning, scheduling and notifications easy.


We all love google Playstore, with its unlimited activities and games.
But which to choose from? Which have in app costs, adverts, and are hard to use? RAPP removes this nuisance.

Download RAPP’s games library

You and your care circle will be able to remotely share games and get easy access to our best picks of the week. You’ll quickly learn what games are most engaging and build on them to optimise your families fun times spent together.