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A New Way To Improve The Lives Of Those You Care For

Person-centred care just got easier,
and more fun for everyone

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A new rewards-based way to improve the lives of those you care for

RemindMecare provides activities, profile building, chat, content & music sharing, and more. More
Your own ‘Always On’ video and chat room, for support, remote engagement & activities More
Join the ReMeLife global community and share interests, concerns and knowledge More
Find products & services, gain discounts and earn  and trade rewards tokens More
Free library of video & audio based daily activities, games and therapies More
Play games and access apps within a hosted and secure environment More
View and share News & Blogs tailored to the ReMeLife membership audience More
Earn REME token rewards for your digital Care Actions and social engagement More

Person-centred care just got easier, and more fun for everyone

person centred care, rmlapp-home
person centred care, rmlapp-home

'ReMeLife people are happier people...'

Caring is challenging. Especially when doing it alone. But even superheroes ask for help, and they deserve all they can get. ReMeLife’s advanced person-centred care improves the lives of those cared for, carers and families.

The RemindMecare app supports caregiving and provides easy connectivity, content sharing and scheduling. Its My Story library captures memories and content that defines the person, discovers common interests, and delivers bespoke activities that promote companionship. It’s perfect for users of all ages and cultures to reduce loneliness, lack of communication and inactivity, and to support remote care management and wellbeing.

ReMeLife’s Forum, Market and News modules assist care self-support and social engagement. Available as an app, ReMeLife is a portal to today’s new tech; from its care-to-earn rewards option, to monetising personal data and social networks.

‘Sharing is caring’

person centred care, rmlapp-home
person centred care, rmlapp-home

Why ReMeLife?

  • Address loneliness & self-care
  • Share content with care circle
  • Easy video chats & social connectivity 
  • Create memory library & personal profile
  • Access activities & entertainment
  • Monitoring, scheduling & Alexa care skills
  • Get rewards from care actions & personal data
  • Earn from online purchases
  • Share in the value of ReMeLife

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