Mindfulness myths explained


Mindfulness is an awareness of being. 

It teaches you to focus your mind on the here and now, to be aware of the space you are moving in, to concentrate on yourself in that space, to reconnect with your body by paying attention to all that is going on at the present moment.  This awareness of being allows you to notice and change what you are doing now rather than dwelling on it or even regretting it later.

It’s all too easy to rush around not noticing much – mindfulness can help to calm our busy lives.  AXA PPP healthcare’s psychological health expert Eugene Farrell explains: “We live our lives at such a fast pace and forget to take the time to slow down.  Some of us then anxiously fret about past or future worries so much so it makes us unwell.  Our mental well-being is so important and many feel that mindfulness can help us to better cope with these troubles.”

A great deal has been written about mindfulness and there can be some confusion around what it means.  Eugene Farrell helps us to understand some of the myths that have grown up around the practice:

Is there a difference between mindfulness and meditation?

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