Parkinson’s disease may start before birth

People who develop Parkinson’s disease before age 50 may have been born with disordered brain cells that went undetected for decades, according to new Cedars-Sinai research. The research points to a drug that potentially might help correct these disease processes. Parkinson’s occurs when brain neurons that make dopamine, a substance that helps coordinate muscle movement, […]

Debunking common cancer myths

Being diagnosed with cancer is daunting not just because of the illness itself, but because of everything that goes along with it. Getting to grips with the diagnosis, what it means, how it will impact your life is no small feat. More than ever, there’s resources and information available to help people through cancer, but […]

Eye make-up through the decades

When you first started wearing make-up, chances are you dabbled with eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, before trying out other products, right? After all, despite how relatively small an area your eyes take up, there’s a huge potential for creativity – and good eye make-up can transform a look. As fashion styles have changed over the decades, so […]

To err is human, to learn, divine

New research describes a new model for how the brain interprets patterns in complex networks. They found that the ability to detect patterns stems in part from the brain’s desire to represent things in the simplest way possible and that the brain is constantly weighing the pressures of complexity and simplicity when making decisions. The […]

Why Tesco is called Tesco?

Tesco started out as a small market stall in London’s East End, but founder Jack Cohen had a strong vision about what he wanted his business to become Tesco is one of the nation’s most famous brands, with supermarkets and convenience stores up and down the country. It serves millions of customers every week, has […]

Reexamining the origins of human fatherhood

The origins of paternal care, a key differentiator between humans and other primates, have long been tied to ancestral females trading their own sexual fidelity for food provided by their mates. A new theory developed by economists and anthropologists states that ecological changes, beginning roughly 5-8 million years ago, placed a premium on partnerships — […]

Mindfulness myths explained

The term mindfulness – have you ever wondered what it really means? Could it help to get us through the Covid 19 pandemic situation in which we all find ourselves? Eugene Farrell, AXA PPP healthcare’s psychological health expert, certainly thinks so. Mindfulness is an awareness of being It teaches us to focus our mind on […]

Haunted house with a CREEPY backstory

A home is up for grabs completely free of charge in Louisiana, US – but any potential owners are being put off by the chilling stories of former residents and locals The owners of a home compared to the Amityville Horror house are struggling to give it away for free as locals spread stories about […]

New Banksy artwork at Southampton hospital

A new Banksy artwork has appeared at Southampton General Hospital. The largely monochrome painting, which is one square metre, was hung in collaboration with the hospital’s managers in a foyer near the emergency department. It shows a young boy kneeling by a wastepaper basket dressed in dungarees and a T-shirt. He has discarded his Spiderman […]

How does the brain link events to form a memory?

A woman walking down the street hears a bang. Several moments later she discovers her boyfriend, who had been walking ahead of her, has been shot. A month later, the woman checks into the emergency room. The noises made by garbage trucks, she says, are causing panic attacks. Her brain had formed a deep, lasting […]