7 reasons why we’re much lonelier today than ever before


Nine million people across all age groups and walks of life in Britain are affected by loneliness. We’ve partnered with giving platform Benevity to raise funds for three charities – Mind, the Campaign to End Loneliness, and Wavelength – to tackle this debilitating and complex issue. You can help make a difference – please donate now.


  • Social media use can lead to feelings of isolation.
  • People have fewer close friends than they used to, and live further from family.
  • Loneliness can also be contagious.


Loneliness is more than just feeling sad or being alone. It can be an acutely painful sense of disconnect and isolation with devastating effects on both mental and physical health.

Experts are deeming loneliness a public health threat more pressing than smoking and obesity due to its prevalence. But why is it so rampant today?

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