Beating Winter Blues: Helping the Elderly Stay Active and Engaged

    Portrait of cheerful seniors playing card game at lunch table on outdoor terrace, focus on two old women winning game

    When it’s cold, icy and dark outside, it’s tempting to close the door and shelter inside. Keeping active and engaged with family, friends and neighbours becomes a lot harder, resulting in the winter months often being difficult and lonely for elder members of our communities.

    It’s therefore even more important than usual in winter months for us all to look out for the older people in our lives, and make sure they are staying healthy and happy. Not to mention ourselves! So read on for some suggested activities to keep older minds busy and connected with the world around them…

    1. New and Classic Games

    Games are a fun way to engage memory and creativity, and maybe stir up a bit of competitive spirit! A huge range of board games are available, with varying degrees of difficulty – from classics like Backgammon, to at-home versions of TV favourites like Countdown and Catchphrase, to newcomers like the quiz game Linkee. Not that you need any specialist props to have fun – there are more than enough games which need nothing more than some paper, a few pens, and an active imagination. Remember “boy, girl, flower, fruit”?

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