Which vegetables should stay in (and out of ) the fridge?


Whoa there, Cathy: you keep spuds in the fridge?!? What in God’s name persuaded you to do that (a bog-standard 2kg bag of maris pipers would take up almost a quarter of the entire shelf space in my fridge, for starters), and what other bizarre storage solutions have you come up with? Please don’t say the milk’s in the cupboard under the sink.

On a serious note, Jane Scotter, the fruit and veg oracle who runs the revered Fern Verrow biodynamic farm in the Black Mountains on the Herefordshire/Wales border, warns that the fridge is, in fact, the worst possible place to store certain fruit and veg. Yes, it keeps everything cold, which in some cases helps slow ripening, and hence deterioration, but “the fridge also dries out anything you put in it. Think about where the part of the vegetable that you eat grows, and apply some common sense as to where you store it.” Following that logic, potatoes, as well as onions, carrots and other root veg, are much, much happier elsewhere – a well-ventilated cupboard, say.

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