Mental health crisis: taking care of carers


The NHS England mental health budget for 2017/2018 was almost £12 billion – roughly 10% of the Department of Health budget- and the mental health crisis in the UK affects individuals of every age and gender

But how many of incidents of depression, stress and chronic anxiety could be prevented?

For anyone involved in care – from carers to agencies, family members to clients – many aspects of the current care model add considerably to the day to day stress levels. Clearly, in an industry struggling with chronic levels of under-resourcing, staff experience elevated levels of stress.

But there are many other issues that also need to be understood, from the uncertainty carers face prior to each client visit, to overwhelming responsibility and a lack of control over the situation, all issues known to influence mental health.

Helen Dempster, Chief Visionary Officer, Karantis360, discusses the role of IoT and AI in transforming the care industry and safeguarding carer mental health.