Eating Clean in 2019


In today’s age of technology and information, it can be pretty overwhelming when sifting through the conflicting opinions and advice on what is the right way to eat in order to accomplish your health and wellness goals. Nutrition plays a major role in how our body and mind perform. Putting the right fuel in your body can help maintain a healthy body weight, improve how your brain functions, and make you feel less sluggish throughout the day. First and foremost, it is important to figure out which “diet” or lifestyle choice works for you. Each of us has our own preferences, restrictions, goals, and so on. What works for your friend, the celebrity you follow on social media, or even someone in your household, may not be right for you!

Ketogenic: The Ketogenic Diet, commonly referred to as “Keto,” centers around eating foods that are high in fat and low in carbs. The goal is to reach and maintain a state of “Ketosis” in which the body relies on protein and fat stores for energy instead of carbohydrates. Eating Keto is also said to help manage steady blood sugar levels.

Paleo: The Paleo Diet also known as “The Caveman Diet” revolves around the idea of eating foods (meats, vegetables, nuts, etc.) found during the Paleolithic era millions of years ago. Some of the main items to avoid include processed foods, grains, and dairy products. Following the Paleo guidelines will provide you with a more natural, balanced diet.

Organic: Choosing to eat organic products has grown increasingly popular over the last few years. When foods are produced organically, they contain fewer pesticides and are not raised with antibiotics, GMOs, or animal byproducts. Eating fresh is always a plus! Check your local green markets and smoothie shops for locally produced, organic products.

Keep in mind that whichever approach you take with nutrition, you should aim to live a healthy lifestyle and not just look for quick weight loss solutions or the latest fads. Finding a maintainable diet that suits you is key whether you are trying to put on muscle, lose weight, or simply improve your quality of life! •

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