Tips for dementia care at Christmas


The scan would show whether the brain’s blood vessels are protecting it from the strong pulse of the heart.

We all hope to enjoy a relaxing Christmas with people close to us. However, the hustle and bustle of getting the whole family together can be challenging and many carers feel anxious in the run up to Christmas Day.

Read our five key tips for the holiday period.

1. Get everyone on board

It might be that some family and friends who are joining you haven’t seen the person with dementia for quite a while – maybe since last Christmas – and aren’t fully aware of their situation. If you are the carer, you might be feeling nervous about how friends and family will react to the person with dementia on the day.

Talk to guests in advance. When speaking to people, be honest – explain what is happening; you could simply say that they are experiencing difficulties with memory and conversation with them might not be as it was.

Where appropriate, ask the person you care for how they are feeling about Christmas and who they might want informing beforehand of changes in circumstances. In other words, include them in as many decisions as possible.

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