A new way to improve the lives of those you care for

Our rewards based care platform and free apps support your family’s care


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Your ecosystem to support, care & connect

ReMeLife provides apps, products and services to support those involved in caring.
ReMeLife is the world’s first rewards-based care community, that enables Members to monetise their daily digital Care Actions, personal data and creativity.
And then use them for purchases or convert them to cash or crypto.

You achieve wellbeing and benefits through caring, sharing and growing your community, which supports us expand ReMeLife’s capabilities.
ReMeLife is ‘Care to Earn’. At last, we get to share in the power of tech and the value of our care.


RemindMecare provides activities, profile building, chat, content & music sharing, and more
Your own ‘Always On’ video and chat room, for support, remote engagement & activities
Join the ReMeLife global community and share interests, concerns and knowledge
Find products & services, gain discounts and earn  and trade rewards tokens
Free library of video & audio based daily activities, games and therapies
Play games and access apps within a hosted and secure environment
View and share News & Blogs tailored to the ReMeLife membership audience
Earn REME token rewards for your digital Care Actions and social engagement
***  Connect family, friends & care facility
***  Video chats & easy content sharing
***  Capture life stories & memories
***  Build a media profile of the person
***  Activities & entertainment
***  Remote monitoring & scheduling
***  Unique Alexa care skills
***  Crypto rewards for your care actions

Why you need ReMeLife …

  •  Video chats, social connectivity & content sharing
  • Build a library of stories & memories
  • Easily access activities & entertainment
  • Remote monitoring, scheduling & Alexa care skills
  • Earn crypto from your Care Actions
  • Monetise your data for your benefit
  •  Profit from the value of your online purchasing
  •  Share in the value of the ReMeLife community

And improve wellbeing and quality of life!

Used by people, families, carers and care providers around the world

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