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Whether cared for at home, in hospital or a care home, with cognitive conditions or as an elder; whether a family member or care business, ReMeLife has everything you need to get connected, get supported and have fun.

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What is ReMeLife?
  • An ecosystem for those cared for and everyone involved in elderly and cognitive care.
  • Providing our free companion ReMe app and the ReMe Connect suite of Alexa care skills.
  • A global marketplace for products and special offers in a trusted space.
Why become a ReMeLife Member?
  • Gives you control of your data and a window to a changing care world.
  • ReMeLife’s evolving. Let us keep you updated - it's the newest thing in care.
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Engage with like-minded members on anything; from topical matters to personal healthcare issues

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ReMeLife the Members Community

Gain rewards for caring, earn family and carer product discounts for participating and incentives for family engagement

The ReMeLife Token will change the way you care for your family.

Learn more about Membership and receive free ReMeLife Tokens here

ReMeLifethe members community

Gain rewards for caring, earn family and carer products discounts for participaiting and incentives for family engagement.
The ReMeLife tokens will change the way your care for your family.

Learn more and receive FREE ReMeLife TOKENS here.

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Events and workshops

The GIANT Health Event 2020, 1-2 December 2020, ExCel London, England

The GIANT Health Event, in 1-2 December 2020, is Europe's most valuable meeting place for the international health tech innovation community. GIANT is a business...

The Residential and Home Care Show, 24-25th June 2020, ExCel, London

Welcome to The Residential & Home Care Show 2020! We won’t just talk at our delegates, we involve them. This year there will be more...



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